People have been asking for the frame fixture model, because some people think its cheaper to build their own , some people enjoy building fixtures as part of the process, some people just look to others for inspiration in their own design, its not an issue there’s always a newer model in the pipeline, this was our basic thing , It got lots of people building for not a lot of outlay comparably, it might even help you out too.


click here for step of the original basic fixture the 001


002 assy drawing downloads click here


Stand drawings  click here

laser cut plates BML SS 903 BML SS 906 BML SS 910 and BML SS911  are available to purchase to make the stands all you need to do is provide tube and box section


these have now been superseded by the 003 model

HOWEVER HERES THE DISCLAIMER WE OWN THE IP ON THE PRODUCTS ON OUR SITE, Your all grown up enough to figure this out and what it means, we don’t mind you making your own parts for your own use from our drawings