New Website Coming Soon

Winter has been harsh , we took a break for a while and tried to get new products made, new websites made ,learn new CAD and new CAM and invested in a new piece of gear that took forever to arrive.

Contrary to rumours, were doing A OK,  we must be because we didn’t buy our new toy on finance

Brand new on the shop floor and now ready to do business , things take a while but we get there in the end its just a patience thing , Im told Patience is a virtue…..I have had to learn this the hard way we bought the lathe so we could do things ourselves it means unlike previous efforts we control our own supply and with that the future so for now its #allmadeinhouse ………we are happy with this.

New Jigs are in manufacture now. We have sold out of the first batch Prices have gone up a tiny bit, the new thing we should shout about are the wheel truing systems  which are now coming online but in limited quantities they sell as fast as we make one, so if you know what they are , then please get in touch as they may go before you get the chance.